Life Adjustment Center


Day Habilitation


The Day Habilitation program provides clients with personalized objectives and services that help reinforce goals created in collaboration with the Service Coordinator.  This customized approach ensures an individual’s attainment of his or her learning objectives. 

Servicing in multiple locations located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, the different programs focus on providing clients with a wide variety of stimulating activities designed to further develop essential life skills that enable decision making skills.

Specific programs include early education services, recreation, fitness and wellness, computer instruction and technology, community integration, music therapy and instruction, arts and crafts, food preparation, and other essential programs. Our goal is to enable each person, who enters our program, to develop constructively and productively in order to achieve their fullest potential.

In order for staff and clients to achieve this goal, programs are created and implemented in a way that fosters trust and guides clients in a supportive and enriched atmosphere. This structured environment contains enriching daily activities with individualized tasks, which are adapted to the client’s needs, in order to promote their self-esteem and achievement.

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