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Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) assists persons with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. The consumer and/or advocate select the Service Coordinator they wish to work with, and together they develop the goals, implementation strategies, monitoring devices and revisions which are in the clients’ Individual Service Plan (ISP).

Individualization: self-determination and choice

Independence: self- reliance to the greatest extent possible

Integration: involvement with relatives, friends, and people in the community

Productivity: accomplishments that contribute to the person’s own life and those close to them.

The focus of MSC is to identify needs and to assist them in achieving their unique goals; and, to obtain appropriate services and supports. At Life Adjustment Center, we believe parents and family members are irreplaceable and valuable participants in an individual’s service coordination program. The Service Coordinators are qualified to serve individuals of all ages, currently providing services to many adults and children who live in IRAs, at home, and/or are currently attending Day Habilitation programs.

We’re here to help. For more information, please contact Diana Delgado, Medicaid Service Coordination Supervisor at (212) 938-1223 Ext. 118.

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