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Founder and Executive Director of Life Adjustment Center, Dr. Yuri Feynberg, was born and raised in Russia.  In 1970, he graduated from Leningrad Pedagogical Institute (currently, St. Petersburg Pedagogical University) with a MA in Special Education and Speech Pathology. There he worked as a special education teacher and speech therapist and later as a Principal of Residential School for 450 children with developmental disabilities. He came to the US as a political refugee in 1979.  He continued to persue his desire for education and for helping those with developmental disabilities.  He earned his Doctoral degree in Public Administration from NYU while working as an Administrator of the Specialty Hospital for Children at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center in Manhattan.  In 1991, he started Life Adjustment Center, where he continues his mission to provide exceptional care with high expectations, enabling individuals to make the most out of life.

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Diana Delgado, Medicaid Service Coordination Supervisor,  (212) 938-1223 ext.118

Tiffany Armstrong, Community Habilitation Manager, (718) 293-9727 ext. 28

Angela Waldron, Residential Coordinator, (212) 938-1223 ext. 117


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